Sunday, May 19, 2013

Homemade ice cream

My husband gave me an ice cream maker for mother's day and I've been experimenting, and I thought I would share my recipes here.  All of these are dairy and soy free since both my daughter and I have allergies.  The ice cream maker takes 1L of mix to make 1.5L of ice cream.  It's electric and generally takes about 40 min to get ice cream.  It's much softer than commercial ice cream, but still tastes good.

First attempt:  Chocolate banana ice cream

Ingredients:  5 bananas, and all the rest chocolate almond milk

Thoughts:  Very banana-y.  Not wild about this flavor mix, although my daughter likes it, and it's low enough in sugar that I don't feel bad letting her have the odd bite.

Second attempt:  Strawberry sorbet (recipe per the ice cream maker pamphlet)

Ingredients:  2C strawberries, 2C water, splash of lemon juice, 1/3C sugar

Thoughts:  Very tasty.  We will be making this again.

Third attempt:  Chocolate strawberry chip

Ingredients:  2C strawberries, 2C chocolate almond milk, 1C dairy-free chocolate chips

Thoughts:  Very good flavor, but the chips were too hard after being frozen into the ice cream mix.  Will be making this without chips next time.

Tomorrow's attempt:  Peanut butter vanilla ice cream

Ingredients:  Unsweetened peanut butter, unsweetened almond milk, vanilla, sugar (we didn't have vanilla almond milk, but that might be a good investment if I like this flavor)

Thoughts:  The bowl needs to be frozen for 24 hours between ice cream batches, and my husband wanted the strawberry tonight.  I have high hopes for this flavor

Most of these are pretty low sugar so I feel pretty good about them as an occasional treat.  Next I need to learn to make lemon sorbet.

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