Sunday, June 16, 2013

Update on Munchkin cuteness

The Munchkin is not getting any less cute as time goes by.  In fact, I like her more and more.  Here is the new list of cuteness:

1.  At the zoo today, she decided that goats (in the petting zoo) are the best things EVER, and continued to adore them even after one head butted her and knocked her down.  The keeper put it away and the Munchkin stood at its gate calling to it over and over again until I took her out of the petting zoo.  She called it "kitty" but all animals are kitties still, including the moose.  If she could have pet the wallabies, they might have ranked with the goats, but it's a small step down.

2.  When the kiddo is entertaining herself, she carries things back and forth between toddler selected locations several times and it's hysterical.  Today's selection of items was 1 plastic spoon, 1 dish towel, 1 doll sweater, 1 wash cloth, and a baby doll.  These items moved from the coffee table to the doormat near the patio and back again no less than 5 times in approximately 5 minutes.

3.  The Munchkin is a little dicey with consonants these days (totally normal I am assured), so her "baby" is called "ye-yee" like yeti without the T.  The thought of her naming her baby after a snow monster keeps making me laugh.

4.  Any time there are rocks, she will drop everything else to get the rocks.  You might think that her daddy is a geologist and her mommy is a rock hound (he totally married me for my tourmaline.  It's nice tourmaline).  I never thought a love of rock was genetic, but I may be mistaken.  Car seat cupholders make excellent places to store car rocks when you don't want to bring them in to daycare.

5.  The kid is starting to get interested in her potty, and keeps wanting to put her baby on the potty.  Right now this process involves shoving the baby head first into the (molded plastic) potty as hard as she can.  Thank God her baby is machine washable.

Toddlers are awesome.

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